young blondeCan you say AWKWARD ?!!

Gotta admit that I took it personally for a few minutes. Then I shrugged it off pretty quick when I realized I got a great comic out of it! Hahahahaha!

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may 14 2015 finalIt’s time for me to get back to doing journal comics. I’m bored with revisions. Truth is- revisions can wait. (Trust me when I tell you that no one is clamoring down my door awaiting a collection of my revised work.)

I’ve noticed that quite a few artists who create journal comics apologize for them- calling them narcissistic and self absorbed. I’ll admit that I’ve felt that way too. But recently, I’ve decided to change my thinking on that point. Perhaps journal comics are made primarily by us navel gazers but it seems to me there is an audience for the work.

In fact, during my short stint on Tapastic, my journal comics got the most views of anything I posted. Those ragged black and white quickly drawn scribbles had more appeal than my fictional comics about a clown or cats riding motorcycles.

I prefer making journal comics but I get scared by the process. Sometimes it feels too personal and I worry about how these moments of Pamo truth will be perceived. I thought about starting up another site with a pseudonym but really- I’ve never been good at keeping secrets.

Of course, my journal comics aren’t always ALL truth. I use the cats as a kind of creative license to tell another point of view.

Until next time my friends. Thanks for hanging in there with me!



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Journal Comic for blogI’ve picked out a pile of comics from this past year and have begun the revision process for the Pamo’s World comic book. (Sounds really exciting, I know.)

I secretly hoped I’d revise one and magically realize the original was far better.

Here is the original before revision:

Journal 2While the black and white version has a certain unpretentious charm (can I say that about my own work?), I think the color version will translate better in a digital book format.

So the revision process continues.

This process is going to take awhile.

After a prolonged internal debate, I’ve decided to close comments here on Pamo’s World until I’ve made significant progress on this comic book.

I do plan on making regular progress updates and tell you about any bumps along the way. I’ll try to make it entertaining. Perhaps I could post photos of empty chocolate candy wrappers… the go to food for a stressed out Pamo.

If you need to contact me, you can always reach me HERE.

And of course, I’ll still be reading and visiting with fellow artists and friends online. I’m not a monk you know! Haha!

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Flowers for JeffJeff really does like flowers. Really!

Of course, the boys can’t resist teasing Pamo. She is, as you probably already know, gullible.

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Here are a few strips I did in 2012 never before published. I discovered them when cataloging my past five years work last month. These were part of the introduction to an ‘Art with Humor’ zine I started.

9 April 2013 10 April 2013 11 April 2013 12 April 2013I put this comic series on the reject pile after seeing the words “bored” and “stinks” in the word balloons. I realized that’s how I was feeling about it at the time. I ended up taking the project in a completely different direction (view the completed zine HERE).

There are no guarantees when doing creative work. Some of it will end up in the reject pile. It’s part of the process.

Truth is, I don’t mind the reject pile. It’s the revision pile I dread. Once I’m done with a comic, I want to be done. The thought of going back in and working on it even more seems dreadful… at least on the front end. But that process of revision can take a good piece of work to a great place.

I’m staring down a huge revision pile right now as I type up this post. I plan to rework a good portion of the hand drawn and hand colored comics I completed last year using digital tools in Clip Studio (aka Manga Studio) software.

I plan to create a digital comic book and submit it to Comixology for publication consideration on their site. You can view the site HERE.

Submissions are open to anyone and the review process takes about three months. If it’s accepted for publication, you get to have your work in front of more eyes and generate revenue. If it’s rejected for submission, you get feedback on why your work didn’t meet their standards. So either way, it’s a win-win!

If you’d like to submit your comic series or graphic novel or what have you… check out Comixology’s submission guidelines HERE. Be sure to read through the guidelines and FAQ’s.

If you have a title on Comixology’s site, please let me know. I read a ton of comics through their app on my Kindle and would love to read yours.

As a side note, thank you all for your comments on my last post. I read them and greatly appreciated them. My time got circumvented last week by Jeff’s run in with a tree branch. The tree won. Good news is that Jeff is doing just fine. If he ever stops making jokes, then I’ll worry.

Do you have a reject pile? Do you do much revision? And specifically for you comics creators- ever submit to Comixology?

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