Buffer FileAh- the buffer file! Right now, my file really is empty but my comics production is ramping up. I can feel it baby! I can feel it.

Today’s comic I drew about half a dozen times over the past week practicing my digital skills. Finishing, for me, is the most important part but sometimes learning how to finish takes longer.

What about you? Do you keep a buffer file for your creative projects?

Until next toon,


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LEARNING TO DRAW AGAIN… and an apology.

Learning to DrawI drew this comic in January 2010 when I was just learning to draw.

I’ll never be a strong drawer. I’ve improved leaps and bounds in the past five years but it’s not my strong suit. Fortunately for me, the comics medium doesn’t depend on spectacular drawing as the most vital skill. In comics, the writing and story mechanics carry the load.

Of course that doesn’t mean I get to slack on improving my drawing skills. Telling stories through comics requires consistency and at least a modicum of accuracy. Characters need to look the same throughout the story and settings need to be recognizable. If the viewer is caught up in trying to figure out what’s been drawn that will take them right out of the story.

This past fall I began a transition from analog comics (completely hand drawn and hand colored) to digital comics. I drew the comics by hand, scanned, then finished digitally. It was a learning curve but the drawing portion was still within my comfort zone.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to make a complete transition to digital comics… and it’s like learning to draw all over again.

So this is what I’ve been doing instead of posting this past week. I’ve been practicing my digital drawing (on a Surface Pro 3) and working on software tutorials (for Clip Studio aka Manga Studio). I’m sure I’ll post about this process more in the future.

Now for  the apology portion of this blog post….

I feel a real fondness for those of you I’ve gotten to know through comments here on my blog and also in your responses to me and others on your sites. Getting to know each other through comments can be a very rewarding part of the entire blogging experience. I know it has been for me.

When someone leaves a comment on my site, I want to respond in kind. And I want to leave thoughtful responses on other sites that support the artist in their endeavors.

I’ve been commenting on blogs since 2009 and it does affect my personal productivity. I struggle with the time it takes to engage in comments and to create share worthy content here on Pamo’s World.  I’ve tossed and turned many nights trying to figure out the solution to this struggle.

I’ve even discussed it with a few friends here in my ‘real’ world. One friend says, “Don’t worry about it. Just respond when you can.” Another says, “If someone takes the time to leave a comment, you are obligated to respond.” And another says, “Why bother responding at all?”

I think the answer to my problem is one I’ll have to solve on my own.

For now, I’m cutting back to a very slow drip on making and responding to blog comments here and elsewhere. And yes, I’ve been worried about making this decision. Then I remembered what happened when I shut down my personal Facebook page and Twitter account… absolutely nothing. The world continued to spin and the seasons continued to change.

My true desire is to produce a consistent webcomic worthy of reading.

How boring and narcissistic can I be, right? I promise that I won’t start whining in another month or two that no one’s commenting! Really, I won’t. Really.


Until next toon,


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Signs of Spring - PW

Yay spring! (At least in this hemisphere.)

I hope all of you in the Northern Hemisphere are experiencing springtime too. It was a LONNNGGGG winter.

Until next toon,


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SneakyOnce I made the decision to work on a comic, I was then able to finish up my organization project without too much stress. Then I decided to wait on producing a full fledged comic book. Amazing how taking action, any action, leads to productive activity.

So next time you are stuck, just do something and see what happens!

Until next toon,


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(My life in a nutshell.)

Have a super terrific weekend everyone! See you on Monday.


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