8 thoughts on “Willcox Gibbs

    • Tony- so glad to talk with you again. Thank you! I’ve checked in on your blog over the past months just kind of lurking- but always glad to see what you are up to.
      Looks like you are enjoying life with good music, good friends and the art you are doing is just amazing.
      I’m always blown away by your art- it just seeps out of you, or really it explodes out of you! Amazing stuff.
      I’ve taken such a long break from drawing, I wonder if I’ll ever go back to it. Perhaps.
      LOVE your paintings!!! Amazing Tony, just amazing. I’ll tell Jeff you popped by.
      Thanks again and I’ll see you over at your blog. 🙂

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      • …so glad to hear from you again, missed your vid’s and pic’s and ‘toons…didn’t realise your blogs had fallen off my watch list (hey! wordpress!…why does that happen?!?…)….drawing always comes back, Pamo, sometimes we get too busy to satisfy the inner-draw…but it always comes back…I think I went 7-10 years once without even doodling!…look at me now!….look forward to more from you & Jeff…. : ) T


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