Here it is, the beginning of April, and we are expanding Pamo’s World once again at the Mega Peddlers Mart. Perhaps it’s because we enjoy painting so much!

Pamo’s World loves color!

Looking forward to filling it up with more stuff!

We’ll be keeping our current location in the Mega Mart as well….

We recently sold the lovely Goodrich treadle sewing machine….

Goodrich treadle recently found a new home.

She is a beauty and I’ll really miss her! But I’m glad she will be well loved by another. Goodbye iron lady- enjoy your new home.

We recently added a Singer 66 Red Eye in a beautiful oak treadle cabinet….

Singer Red Eye 66 in oak treadle cabinet.

That’s all for today. I’ll keep you posted with more updates. Happy spring!


A Mega Mart Update

We’ve been busy expanding once again at the Mega Peddler’s Mart. So of course that meant more painting. Biker Rags now has a more open space, all freshly painted and looking good.

Pamo’s World, which use to be right across from the Biker Rags booth, is now on the other side of the Mega Mart, freshly painted of course.

It’s a lot of work but also a ton of fun.

Until next time,